Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not Your Average Bar

When you mention the word bar in reference to a wedding most people think you typical beer, wine and mixed drink bar.  While those are always expected, why not spice things up with a different type of bar???

Candy Bar:
These have been around awhile now, and are still always a hit!  The best candy bar I have ever seen had a bit of sentiment attached to it.  The bride and groom chose to only have candy on their candy bar that was favorites of their wedding party!  Take it a step further and add fun little cards on the candy table with blurbs about whose favorite candy it is and why they are special to you!


Dessert Bar:
Not a huge candy fan, but love sweets?  Stock a bar with family favorites!  Homemade brownies, cobblers, pies and cakes; who can resist!


Biscuit Bar:
This fun twist is strictly southern ya’ll!  Pile delicious buttery biscuits on a basket with an assortment of honey, jelly’s, jam’s and flavored butter’s.  Leave some sweet little bags with miniature toppings so your guests can take them for the road!


Soda Bar:
This is quite simple, yet festive for those who opt not to have an alcoholic bar at their wedding.  Provide flavored syrups, seltzer and empty bottles or pretty glasses for party goers to test their creations!


Coffee Bar:
Having a winter wedding, adore coffee or plan to party until the wee hour of the morning?!? Then this is the bar for you!  Set out different blends of coffee, liquid and power flavorings, yummy toppings, hire a barista and serve this delight in monogrammed mugs with you and your sweeties name on one side and “the perfect blend” on the other!


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