Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OUR WEDDING: Invitations

One thing I firmly believe in is that invitations set the tone for any event. Kimili and I are really laid back and love to entertain, have a great time with family and friends so we knew we didn't want our wedding to be a stuffy uptight affair.  It was important to us that our invitations portrayed our personality and vision for our wedding.  With the added pressure of being a wedding planner, we wanted our invitations to WOW our guests.

Our first exploration into the wonderful world of invitations suite lead us to pockets, if you remember this post.   While we thought it was a pretty, cost effective invitation with a little pizazz because of the pocket folds and pretty ribbon embellishments, it just wasn't the direction we wanted to go in.

From Cards and Pockets

The next invitation suite we were eyeing we saw on Bella Figura.  I really liked the first photo below, Kimili thought the font was a little difficult to read.  Looking at it now, I can agree, so our happy medium is shown in the second photo.  The thing that really drew me to this collection was the letter press calligraphy, once we figured out the price, Kimili quickly shut this option down.

From Bella Figura

From Bella Figura

After a lame attempt at designing the invitations myself, I stumbled upon Do-de-line Design Studio's website via Southern Weddings (I believe), and our design inspiration was found!  See the entire invitation suite here.
From Do-De-Line Design Studio

Now we had a direction, but no conceivable way of how to accomplish this fun, whimsical, sophisticated invitation that we absolutely loved.  At this point the invitation process was becoming a bit overwhelming for me.  Enter Kimili's cousin (who is a graphic designer and does this professionally) after a few e-mails and a meeting, here is what we came up with, hope you love it as much as we do!

Printing: UPrinting
Envelopes & Solid Envelope Liner: Paper Presentation
Calligraphy: Classic Calligraphy
Envelop Liner (Stripe):  By Invitation Only 
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