Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cards & Pocket Invitations

If you're in the process of planning any type of event and in need of invitations, you should take a look at Cards & Pockets.  As we were deciding on invitation designs for our wedding, I came across this sight as an option, they provide everything from DIY to complete invitation assembly which is great for a bride on a budget.

Though we opted to go in a different direction, I appreciated working with this company to help guide the design of our invitations.  We ended up ordering a sample petal fold invitation suite in our wedding colors.  The sample was inexpensive, came quickly and even had a personally signed note inside and gave us a good idea of how our color combination would work together in an invitation.  Looking for a fun, good quality invitation   Give Cards & Pockets a try.

Personal Photo

Photo from Cards & Pockets

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