Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HAPPY {belated} BIRTHDAY to me!

My Birthday was in July!  Every year in January when one of my best friends birthday's rolls around I get very anxious because I know in a few short months I'll be old too!  Imagine my anxiety around July 1!

This year I wanted a quite celebration with a few of my nearest and dearest friend.  We chose a Sunday evening to go out to dinner and see a movie.  Even though we all live in the same city it seems as if the times we do get to spend with each other are few and far in between.  Of course my sweet friends never cease to amaze me and there were a few surprise gifts and a surprise birthday cake too!

What was most important to me  and the highlight of my birthday was spending time with a few of my besties!  Even though this post is a few weeks late, I just thought it was important to share how much I love, adore and respect these ladies!  Birthdays are a very special occasion, but don't wait around until one comes around to spend some time with those you love!

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