Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet Gestures

A very close friend of mine is graduating from University of North Carolina Greensboro this year.  Of course, like any other graduate she is excited about it and ready for graduation to come and school to be over.  Despite our friends urging her to have some type of celebration she decided she wanted a low key celebration with none of the hoopla of invitations/announcements and parties.  As good friends we respected her wishes until .... recently!

Her husband called me asked me and another friend of ours to help him with a surprise.  He wanted her to have graduation announcements to share this momentous occasion with close family and friends.  Within a few hours; a couple of e-mails, some wording changes, 3 design options and an e-mail to our friend who did the printing ... Ta-Da!  A beautiful announcement for a beautiful person! Boy was she surprised AND absolutely loved her announcements!!!!  Doesn't she have such a sweet husband!?!?! 

If you remember I said my friend is graduating from UNCG and if you notice the color of the invitation print is purple, which are not the school colors.  We made the graduation unique to her because she loves purple.  When designing invitations don't be afraid to take a chance, anything that you can include that is special to you makes them that much more special!


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  1. Love it!! Britt you definitely have an amazing husband!!