Tuesday, April 26, 2011


With this beautiful weather in North Carolina, you can't help but to feel extra cheery these days.  Today's color inspiration are a slightly "odd" combo, but can be worked together beautifully to create a fabulous palette for any wedding.

Dress your girls in a soft shade of yellow and add red detail in a sash, shoes or hair piece for a fun POP!
Isn't this just a gorgeous bouquet?!?! Who can resist Roses & Lilies! 

I absolutely LOVE this modern cake with just enough of each color not to go over the top!

 Send your guests off with a sweet treat to end the night!


  1. ooo I like! Definitely wouldnt think of putting these two colors together but looks nice..might consider these one day ;)

  2. i love this color combo, and decided i wanted these two colors a long time ago. my wedding is next june and when i told my mom i want red and yellow she, too, had a hard time picturing these colors together. but once i showed her a few pictures of ideas with these colors she loved them too. :)

  3. Congratulations! Yellow & Red is going to look absolutely fabulous in June!

  4. i thought i was the only person that loved these two colors together. i have always loved them and plan on using them in my wedding next year also.