Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OUR WEDDING: Checklist Update - 4 Months

We just had a super fun engagement shoot with Alexa's Photography this past Saturday, can't wait to share pictures.  The photo session made realize it's crunch time!  With 4 months (to the day) to go, we still have quite a few little projects to complete.

Photo from Bella the Magazine 

So far this month we have:

-Booked rehearsal dinner
-Created rehearsal dinner invitations
-Planned rehearsal dinner(Toasts, Gifts, etc.)
-Booked {mini}moon
-Groomsmen fitting
-Bought wedding party gifts
-Booked transportation
-Finalized ceremony selections & program with officiant
-Looked into premarital counceling
-Finalized musical selections
-Took engagement pictures
-Received all the components for our invitations
-Set hair appointment for wedding day

Next month we will:
-Hammer out details with all vendors
-Order welcome bag components
-Order veil & shoes
-Confirm bridesmaids dresses arrival
-Finalize transportation
-Begin working on invitation assembly
-Organize DIY projects

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