Thursday, August 23, 2012

Catrice's Orzo Pasta Salad

A very dear friend of mine made this yummy pasta salad for our "DIY Day" leading up to the baby shower we've been sharing tidbits about this month.  After raving about it for weeks, I finally asked for the recipe which was a shock since I don't like ranch or cucumbers (I pushed them aside).  I made it at home, it was delicious, all it was missing was Catrice's special touch!

The ingredients include Orzo Pasta, Water (or Chicken Stock), Ranch Packet, Zesty Italian Dressing, Turkey Pepperoni, Cucumbers and Tomatoes.  Each of these ingredients should be added for your desired taste.

Cook Orzo as directed on the box using either water of chicken stock.  Add ranch packet (I used half) toward the end of the cooking process.

Halve or quarter pepperoni, cucumbers and tomatoes once orzo is done cooking.  Add desired amount of Italian dressing and combine.

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