Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mesh Holiday Wreaths

We are all busy putting up out holiday decorations and getting in the spirit.  For the past few years I always say I am going to attempt to make a white Mesh Wreath filled with brightly colored mini ornaments.  Again, I told myself the same thing but have yet to embark on that adventure.  While strolling the asiles of AC Moore I found the instructions and picked them up for inspiration, hopefully they will inspire your creative side too!

Picture from Wreath Supplies


FloraCraft® Wreath:

16” Straw Wreath, FCASW12C5

Offray® Ribbon:

2-¾” x 10-yds. Red Satin Ribbon, 104552526 (1 Spool)

Nicole™ Crafts Mesh & Mesh Ribbon:

21” x 10-yds. Red Mesh, 104538660 (1 Roll)

2-½” Green Mesh Ribbon, 104573327 (4-yds.)

4” Wood Candy Canes, WOD 5742 (5)

50-pk. Greening Pins, WIR 480

White Cloth-Covered Wire, 104455937

1” Foam Brush, LOW7551

½” Flat Paintbrush

White & Red Acrylic Paint

Assorted Holiday Berries

Hot Glue & Glue Gun



1. Pin end of satin ribbon to wreath. Wrap ribbon around wreath to cover straw. Secure ribbon

ends with greening pins.

2. Using mesh while on the roll, gather one width end & pin to ribbon-covered wreath.

Slide your hand down the roll of mesh 12”. At 12” bring mesh forward to the starting point

to create your first loop. Secure loop with greening pins. Carry mesh away from wreath

12” more & bring back to wreath for second loop. Secure with greening pins. Continue

in same manner until wreath is filled with mesh loops.

3. Make a multi-looped bow using green mesh ribbon. Secure bow with cloth-covered wire.

Wire bow to bottom of wreath.

4. Paint candy canes white using a foam brush. Let dry. Paint red stripes every ½” to candy

canes. Glue candy canes to wreath.

5. Embellish wreath with berries as shown. Use hot glue to secure berries.

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