Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Post Wedding Keepsakes

After the wedding is all said and done and your settling into your new life as a married couple wouldn't it be nice to have "functional" reminders of your special day?

Art Vows is a wedding vendor that takes the very vows you and your husband exchanged and turns them into a work of art.  You get to design the layout, design and font styles they arrange the final product.  In the end you get to display you personal promises to one another where you can see them and be reminded daily.



Wedding toasts are another memorable element of any wedding.  Corked has found a way to recycle and turn your champagne, wine or cider bottle into family heirlooms.  Being a candle lover,  the thought of having a personalized candle holder to display as newly weds is pretty amazing me to me.  An even sweeter gesture to present your mom and new mother in law with a pendent to remind them of an important day in their child's lives!


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