Tuesday, October 8, 2013

OUR WEDDING: Insta-Wedding

Social media is such a huge part of most of our lives nowadays.  When we were planning, considering all the details was super important to us and being able to share them with everyone long after was something that social media allowed us to do.  Being avid Instagram users, creating a custom #hashtag seemed the perfect way to go.  We thought with a little creativity we could come up with a custom #hashtag that was special to us.  Using a few tips and templates from Something Turquoise and Salt Water Studios we were able to come up with one that incorporated our wedding date and a catchphrase from Kimili's favorite comedian whom we've seen every time he comes to our town which has become sort of a "tradition" for us.  Some time soon we plan on printing these pictures to add to our collection of wedding memories.

If you're on Instagram be sure to search #pineapples0816 to see some of the fun we had and stop back by next week when I share photo's and final thoughts on our wedding.

From Something Turquoise

From Events by Social Graces

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