Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our House - Tour

I must say it feels good to be back in the normal swing of things!  We're settling in as newlyweds and I'm getting used to my new last name :-)  Thank you to everyone who followed our journey and celebrated with us far and near.  We can't wait to share pictures of our big day soon, but for now I want to back track a little and show you around our new house!

These pictures were taken the day we moved it.  Our brand new, open concept, 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom home was move in ready and needs little work other than making it our own.  The home buying process was not easy, at all, but with faith, patience and more patience we closed on our home and were able to move in before the wedding.  We had an awesome Realtor, Mina Amin, who held our hand through the entire process, and that really made a difference being a first time home buyer.  For those of you going through the process or thinking about going through the process I would definitely recommend enlisting advice from those who have been there, working with a Realtor you feel comfortable with and just being aware that there will be hiccups no matter how great the process sounds in the beginning.  Enjoy your tour!

Personal Photo - Kitchen

Personal Photo - Dining Room/Living Room Combo

Personal Photo - Spare Bedroom

Personal Photo - Loft 

Personal Photo - Full Bathroom

Personal Photo - Full Bathroom

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